January 25, 2011

Back in November, we had to take the site down for what we'd hoped would be just a few days in order to fix a hack. It's still not fixed; not because it's complicated, but because real life has intruded and distracted us from this site. There's not a lot of new Sherlock content to report on beyond awards and accolades, and while we enjoyed Sherlock quite a bit, it's not something we're obsessing over.

We apologize profusely to everyone who has been a regular reader/contributor to Sherlocking, especially contributors to the Sherlocking forums and the fiction contest. We actually will have the site back up within a week or two, but with some changes.

When we come back, the Sherlocking forum will not be coming back with us. It required far too much attention and work to manage, and while we appreciated all of the energy that its contributors brought to it, it's just not what we set out to do when we first made this site. We're going to go back to being a simple two-author blog, bringing you occasional updates about Sherlock, the production of the next series, other projects of the cast/crew, and assorted bits of Sherlockiana. We're truly sorry if this extended downtime and now our subsequent removal of the forums makes anyone unhappy, but it's for the best. Thanks for your understanding, and hope to see you back here in a few weeks.

Update: September, 2012

Well, we're not back, obviously. It's been over a year and a half and we haven't resolved our issues. This is really due to inertia and a lack of interest in the new BBC Sherlock series -- while the first series was very much to our liking, the second wasn't as much so (okay, well, we enjoyed "Scandal in Belgravia" until the ending, "Hounds" was abysmal, and "Reichenbach Fall" was a generally intriguing mess).

Regardless, we're clearly not the rabid Sherlock fans we thought we'd be. So, we'll be changing this site back to its original intent, a Sherlock Holmes fan site (not Sherlock, not Elementary, not the Guy Ritchie films, but Doyle's original work). Perhaps you'll find that interesting, perhaps not. If you do, let us know on Twitter -- we're still @Sherlocking, even though we don't update it any longer.

Thanks for your early support, and best wishes to all Holmes fans out there.